At Simon Video & Computer We also specialize in Custom Programs. Such as Small Business Spreadsheets for Micosoft Excel. These Microsoft Excel Small Business and Home Business Spreadsheets will tell you your profits or losses for any time period. You can easily copy the data to your Scheule C on your income tax program. Microsoft Excel Small Business Spreadsheet Program. Home Business Spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. Profits or Losses Program.




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Our Small Business Program has all the pages you'll need to keep track of your profits or losses.


Inventory, Sales, Advertising, Car and Truck Expenses, Commisions, Labor, Insurance, Intrest, Legal Services,
Office Expenses, Rent o Lease, Repairs, Supplies, Taxes, Travel and Meals, Utilities, Wages, Other Expenses,
Costs of Goods Sold, Net Profit or Loss.

Profit or Loss Spreadsheet

Supplies Spreadsheet

Utilities Spreadsheet

Supplies Spreadsheet

Income Spreadsheet

Car and Truck Expenses Spreadsheet

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